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Boston, MA

Valentine's Day Cruise

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Valentine's DayJoin us for our Romantic Valentine’s Day cruise aboard the yacht Northern Lights in Boston Harbor! This is a day to celebrate your loved one.  Spending Valentine’s Day in Boston aboard an elegant yacht is the perfect way to show your appreciation.

Cruise through Boston Harbor with a glass of Champagne in hand. Relax aboard our classic boat for an evening of elegance.. Watch the sun dip beyond the horizon and snuggle up with your loved one to celebrate your love for each other. Enjoy a beautiful evening aboard this romantic Valentine’s Day cruise.

Our professional and hospitable crew will cater to your every need. We will wine and dine you to make you feel like royalty. This Boston cruise is a magical way to capture a moment in time! What better way to do this than on the Boston Harbor Valentine’s cruise. This magical sunset cruise will take your breath away and your loved one will be swept off their feet all over again.

Romantic Valentine’s Day Jazz & Champagne Tasting Cruise

Romantic Valentine’s Day Jazz & Champagne Tasting Cruise! Start or end your romantic evening with a light champagne tasting and stunning views of Boston. While sipping on your champagne, enjoy romantic jazz tunes by our house jazz band as we glide through the harbor. While fireworks are not included in this cruise, we hope to create metaphorical sparks for you and your date. *Please note this is a 21+ event and it is recommended that you have dinner before or after your cruise with us.

  Duration: 1.5 hrs   Boat: Northern Lights   Cost: $78

Boston Harbor City Lights Boat Tour

Winter City Lights Cruise

Unwind after a long day on land aboard a 1-hour City Lights Cruise on motor yacht Northern Lights. Bring a couple of friends or a loved one, grab a glass of bubbles from the bar, and gaze at the glittering lights of the city as light dances on the waters of Boston Harbor. Gentle and classic pre-recorded music is played to set a relaxing tone for you and your guests. In fact, this is the perfect digestif, a romantic after dinner cruise for 1st dates or 50th anniversaries.

  Duration: 1 hr   Boat: Northern Lights   Cost: Adult $25

Romantic Boston Sunset Cruise

Winter Sunset Cruise on Northern Lights

Join us for an after work cruise to relax with loved ones, friends, or co-workers. Enjoy the sites as the sky changes from shades of blues to oranges behind Boston’s skyline. While cruising through the evening harbor air grab a cocktail and appetizers from our bar on the main deck. Light commentary on Boston Harbor’s sites such as: monuments, forts, historical ships, noteworthy buildings and bridges. Otherwise light music will be played throughout the trip to set the atmosphere. This excursion is popular for date night or ‘after-work drinks’ thus there are no ‘kids’ tickets available on sunset or city lights departures.
**Our sunset cruise experience is a 2-hour event. It will still consist of a 90-minute cruise, however, to better serve our guests boarding will be 30-minutes. Thus, if your cruise states 4:00-6:00pm the boat will not depart until 4:30pm. This is to allow guests time to get drinks, get situated, and find a comfortable place to sit.**

  Duration: 2 hrs   Boat: Northern Lights   Cost: Adult $40